"From the clinical question to the laboratory result for adequate diagnosis and responsible treatment.
Everyday we ensure the correctness of the whole process,
With less time, soul, drug and money consumption. "

Who we are

The Locus Medicus Medical and Diagnostic Centers operate classic and specialized exams as well as multidisciplinary clinics covering your needs for preventive medicine, for your periodic check-up, for monitoring chronic diseases (eg. hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis etc.), specific diagnosis and treatment.

At the same time, Locus Medicus's laboratories and clinics have been specializing in investigating and treating infertility of underlying aetiology and abortions, having helped more than 15,000 couples, using our clinical and research experience, exclusive technology and our internationally patented diagnostic tests.

In the development of the company, which is based on the integration of research products in the laboratory routine, the evaluations and evaluations of clinical colleagues, whether those working within LOCUS MEDICUS or those acting as external collaborators, always played a key role. The role of clinicians has always been necessary in assessing the clinical relevance of new research data. In addition, it is motivated to handle modern, useful elements in their daily clinical practice.

Finally, LOCUS-MEDICUS's contribution to the Greek and International scientific community is proven in more than 20 international (and 8 Greek) publications in reputable scientific journals and more than 30 entries in Greek and international scientific conferences (3 conference awards) while the company actively supports the young Greek scientists by making available both the logistical infrastructure of its laboratories and the know-how of its executives (Direct participation in 7 Ph.D. for new scientists, 3 Masters preparation work for graduate students (One with distinction and prize money), two placement students from universities of Great Britain, etc.)


The successes of the department of Investigation on Female and Male Infertility established, early on, this particular department and then the gynaecological department of the center.


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