Konstantinos Th. Makarounis' Urological Clinic

Konstantinos Th. Makarounis MD, FEBU, FECSM

Urologist - Andrologist
PhD candidate, School of Medicine of the University of Athens

Specialization in Male Fertility Microsurgery, Cornell, NY, USA.

Member of Medical / Scientific Societies:
Hellenic Urological Society
European Board of Urology
Hellenic Andrological Society
European Society of Sexual Medicine

Nowadays, the ever-increasing literature highlights the central role of the Urologist-Andrologist in men's health. Our medical office implements advanced preventive and diagnostic practices and treatments, based on a holistic approach tailored to each patient. Therefore, we treat each man as a whole, whether urinary problems, such as lithiasis and prostatitis, or issues with fertility (varicose veins) and erectile dysfunction, are concerned. 
With specialty in Microsurgery and Endourology, our medical center is capable of treating prostate hyperplasia (Rezum Turis), prostate cancer, urinary stones, varicose veins and azoospermia.
Δρ. Κωνσταντίνος Θ. Μακαρούνης

Services provided:

  • Ultrasound examination of kidney-bladder, prostate.
  • Ultrasound examination – triplex of scrotum, testicles-penis.
  • Diagnosis / treatment of erectile dysfunction (shock waves, PRP).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract cancers (prostate, bladder, kidney).
  • Modern treatment of prostate hyperplasia (Rezum Turis).
  • Treatment of infections in men and women.
  • Prevention and treatment of male infertility.
  • Microsurgery specializing in varicose veins and MicroTESE.


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