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The Diagnostic and Research Laboratory LOCUS-MEDICUS SA has been active in the field of health since 1996. Today it operates as a Limited Medical Company. Its headquarters are located at the Municipality of Holagos-Papagos at 246 Mesogeion Avenue. The Company operates with a valid authorization of establishment and operation according to P.D. 84/2001 and has contract with insurance companies of the State and the wider sector.

In 1996, the founding scientific team of the company LOCUS-MEDICUS, started the first private company that would combine equally the provision of health services with pure research. Regarding clinical research, it introduced to the Greek market (and, in some cases, to the world) for the first time the use of state-of-the-art technology and the know-how of new (for that time) diagnostic techniques, such as molecular pathology, genetics, flow cytometry, etc. The introduction of the above “seminal” (for that time) diagnostic tests by LOCUS-MEDICUS, led in many cases to their subsequent establishment as widely used commercial tests. Thus, LOCUS-MEDICUS established these new diagnostic tests considering the Greek clinical doctor, but also the general public, while it paved the way for competing companies, allowing them to penetrate the field of specialized tests. Nevertheless, LOCUS-MEDICUS has managed not only to maintain its leading position in this market, but also managed to continue to “generate” new ways of diagnostic approach to medical issues, thus improving existing techniques and applying new tests for the first time worldwide.

A feature of the company is the fact that it belongs to its employees (doctors, biologists, scientists from other fields, administrative and technical staff). It is very important for the employee to feel that the company is his own and to consider its progress as his personal business.

Although the innovative work and success of the department for the medical investigation of female and male infertility — and then the gynecological clinic of the center — helped this clinic gain its leading position, LOCUS-MEDICUS now houses a number of specialized and non-specialized clinics in its field, including clinics of Gynecology, General Pathology & Family Medicine, Special Pathology, Urology / Andrology, etc.
In the development of the company, which is based on the integration of research products in the laboratory routine, the evaluations, and assessments of the clinical colleagues, either those active in LOCUS-MEDICUS, or those who act as external collaborators, have always played a key role. The role of clinical doctors has always been essential in assessing the clinical significance of new research data. In addition, they are motivated to handle modern, useful elements in their daily clinical practice.

We provide specialized services, certified by the largest organizations in the world.

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At Medical Diagnostic Center and Polyclinic Locus Medicus AE there are laboratories for conventional and specialized tests, as well as clinics of various specialties which cover the needs for preventive medicine, for periodic health check-up, but also for the monitoring of chronic diseases (e.g., x. hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis etc.).

At the same time, for almost 25 years, the laboratories and clinics of LOCUS-MEDICUS have been specializing in investigating and treating infertility of unknown etiology and recurrent miscarriages, having helped more than 15,000 couples, using our clinical and research experience, our exclusive technology, and our internationally patented diagnostic tests.

Apart from infertility and miscarriages, a main field of immediate scientific interest is the investigation of hematological malignancies, with the participation of six scientists of related kinds of specialization and qualification. We have the only laboratory in the country that combines molecular, cytogenetic, histological and immunophenotypic approach.

The scientific team of the center  has also extensive expertise in chronic infections of the genital and urinary tract, regardless of the existence of infertility problems. A laboratory and clinical approach is made daily, as well as special very effective treatments, in order to reduce the symptoms and restore health in the area. We point out that there is a lot of experience in approaching and treating fungal infections.

It would be an omission not to mention the services provided to interested parties in the last twenty years, on issues of paternity recognition or other kinship, but also on issues of inheritance of characteristics. Regarding these issues we provide reliability, rapidity and, of course, confidentiality.

Considering the development of the company, which over time is based on the integration of research results and products into the laboratory routine, the evaluations, and assessments of clinical colleagues, either those who work within LOCUS-MEDICUS or those who work as external collaborators, have always played a key role. The role of clinical doctors has always been essential in assessing the clinical significance of research data. They are motivated to adopt the currently approved scientific advancements and apply them in their daily clinical practice.

Finally, the contribution of LOCUS-MEDICUS to the Greek and International scientific community is actively proven with more than 20 international (and 8 Greek) publications in reputable scientific journals and with more than 35 participations in Greek and international scientific conferences (4 conference awards), and 4 international patents. At the same time, the company actively supports the young Greek scientists by making available both the material and technical infrastructure of its laboratories to them, as well as the know-how of its executives (Direct participation in 8 Doctoral dissertations of young scientists, 3 Master’s dissertations (one of them with distinction and monetary prize), 2 students’ placement from Universities of Great Britain etc.)

The operation of the clinics at a functional distance from the laboratories provides the possibility of immediate tests and then immediate evaluation in the same visit! This spares the patient more visits and, in many cases, accelerates the problem-solving approach.

However, apart from the direct cooperation with the laboratories and the research activities of the company, it is a self-evident advantage to meet colleagues of many different specializations and to assess in collaboration, on a daily basis, complex and problematic situations that are routinely encountered.

They said about us:

The team of Locus Medicus, led by Mr. Tsilivakos, deserve too many congratulations for their ethos and high quality of work. May God continue to bless their work.

Theano & Vasilis Montreal
Theano & Vasilis Montreal

They are all passionate about their job! After we strictly followed the treatment recommended to us, within a month I became pregnant through natural conception, and I brought to life a beautiful and healthy little creature! For us, Mr Tsilivakos is our miracle-worker! Thank you!

Maria P.  Dimitris P.
Maria P. Dimitris P.

We would like to thank Mr. Tsilivakos and the entire Locus Medicus team for their services. You helped us to have a beautiful pregnancy, which is very important for us!

Andrakakos Georgios – Dani Sophia
Andrakakos Georgios – Dani Sophia

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