Couple infertility investigation clinic 
Dr. Vassilis Tsilivakos


Infertility Pathology and Immunology
Head of Infertility Research Clinic
Locus Medicus Managing Director
A few personal details
After a joyful and care-free childhood and adolescence, at Medical School, i approached a science that in my opinion had no defined beginning or end. In order to properly perform as a doctor, I had to maintain a constant stream of knowledge and revise endless pages of assumptions, classifications and re-classifications. The aspect which put the most pressure on me, was the breadth of each and every medical specialty, and the sheer effort and seemingly never-ending knowledge needed in ordered to be considered as a specialist in your field. On January 25th 1987, I was given the opportunity to engage in active research at the research laboratories of the University of Crete. All of a sudden, I was faced with people that held different perspectives to mine, with different working cultures, fighting for the creation of new information, each in their own field.
Δρ. Βασίλης Τσιλιβάκος

The couples clinic is concerned with cases of infertility and / or miscarriage.

The clinic detects the underlying causes of infertility in women, men, as well as in both partners combined, which is often an area where details of the problem seem to lie.

The doctor’s office combines the couple’s medical history, together with innovative targeted lab tests, and evaluates these findings in a further appointment. These tests have been largely developed by our research laboratories, and are not only highly effective, but also necessary tools in the approach of this subject.

The causes of infertility are thus identified, and a report-based treatment plan, as well as clear guidance to move forward, are provided.

In summary, the aetiological investigation surrounding infertility aims towards:

A logical and satisfactory explanation of the problem, revealing the individual factors that have cumulatively caused the infertility of the couple.

Ensuring the best possible result of any attempt to conceive, either through natural conception or through assisted reproduction, having previously evaluated and corrected all known infertility factors.

Simultaneously, we follow two basic principles:

  • Carrying out diagnostic and treatment procedures with the lowest possible financial cost for the couple, with the lowest possible medication intake.
  • Carrying out the diagnostic and treatment procedures within a short timeframe, with respect to the couples’ limited time to complete each process successfully.

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