Detection of
Infectious Agents

Using modern techniques of Molecular Pathology.

Detection of Infectious Agents

The use of modern techniques of Molecular Pathology, which are characterized by high
sensitivity and specificity, has been an essential component of the methods of analysis in recent years, as it offers answers to key clinical questions.
Some of the advantages of the Molecular Diagnostic Approach are:
  • Detection of virtually any infectious agent of clinical significance, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasites.
  • Quantification / determination of microbial load in order to determine the stage of infection and / or response after treatment with antibiotics / antivirals.
  • Accurate genetic identification (standardization) of the species and separation between congenital biotypes of each microorganism in order to determine the individual treatment.
  • Excellent sensitivity (> 90%) compared to conventional immunological and microbiological detection methods.
  • The method is applied to any biological material.
  • Excellent speed: Test result within 24 hours of receiving the sample for emergencies (in consultation with the laboratory).
  • The test result is NOT affected by concomitant or previous use of antibiotics / antiviral drugs.

In LOCUS MEDICUS diagnostic laboratories, molecular tests are performed with real–time PCR (RT–PCR) and not with standard PCR, thus allowing the quantification of the results, while at the same time ensuring the credibility of the result. In the Department of Molecular Pathology, examinations are performed using internationally certified IVDM (In Vitro Diagnostic Method) reagents and equipment and always include separate internal controls per sample to ensure the correct result.

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