We, as expert scientists-researchers, assure you that the phrase "it happened" is not an adequate explanation for us

Identifying causes of infertility, etiological treatment and clear guidance.


Ensuring the best possible result.
In order to ensure the best possible result, we combine the couple history with ordering targeted tests and evaluating them on the second visit. The tests ordered have been largely developed in the research laboratories of the center and are innovative but are also fundamental tools in approaching the subject.

In summary, the objectives of the etiological investigation of infertility are:

The conclusion to a logical and satisfactory explanation of the problem, revealing the individual factors that cumulatively cause the infertility of the couple.

Ensuring the best possible result in any attempt for childbearing, either through natural conception or through assisted reproduction, having previously evaluated and corrected all known infertility factors.

Meanwhile we follow two basic rules:

Carrying out the diagnostic and treatment procedures with the lowest financial burden for the couple and the lowest possible consumption of medicines.

The completion of the diagnosis and treatment procedures in reasonable time, within the critical time of each couple.



Causes of Infertility

We, as expert scientists-researchers, assure you that the phrase “it happened” is not an adequate explanation for us. We look for the causes, so that the problems are treated causally.
The causes of miscarriage and infertility are generally classified into five main categories:
(a) immune and viral
(b) genetic
(c) thrombophilic
(d) hormonal and
(e) infectious non-viral.
Each of them can create the problem on its own, or in combination with the others. From the detailed description we will see that the boundaries between these causes are not clear since many of them may be involved in the pathophysiology of others.

The phases of the effort to deal with infertility.

The first goal should be to determine the responsible causes involved.
The second goal is to take therapeutic measures and complete the etiological treatments.
The third phase is the choice of the method of effort must be taken.
The penultimate goal. We are pregnant and we need to arrive well at the 12th week.

Since so many scientists are dealing with infertility, why is there such a big problem?

There are ambiguities and gaps in the existing knowledge of the two main causes i.e. immunological and infectious factors of infertility. This makes the object “hard”.
Doctors who deal with infertility also deal with many important subjects, but unrelated to our subject which requires passion and dedication.
Unclear or incorrect laboratory results and problems in their evaluation.
Due to the multifactorial nature of the problem, the role of a specialist infertility investigation pathologist is required as a key coordinator and consultant of the couple.



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