Vassilis Tsilivakos

Place & date of birth: Piraeus, Greece – 30/11/1961
Nationality: Hellenic
Marital status: Married (two children)

Education, Medical & Research Experience:

Dr. Vassilis Tsilivakos
1996 – present: Founder, CEO and Scientific Director – LOCUS MEDICUS S.A.

1999 – present: Head of Research in Reproductive Medicine – LOCUS MEDICUS S.A.

1998 – present: Reproductive Medicine Practice (histopathology, molecular pathology and immunology of reproduction) – LOCUS MEDICUS S.A.

1991 – 1995: Pathology Specialization – Athens Regional Cancer Hospital “AGIOS SAVVAS” and Athens Hospital for Thoracic Diseases “SOTIRIA”.

1987 – 1991: PhD in Biology – Medical School, Immunohematology Laboratory, University of Crete, Greece.
Thesis Title: Structure and Functional Study of the IL-2 receptor in neoplastic cells of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

1991 – 1992: Research associate – Immunology Department, Athens Regional Cancer Hospital “Agios Savvas”.
Research Project Title: Study of antineoplastic action of tumor infiltrated lymphocytes.

1988 – 1991: Certificate of Specialization in Immunology – INSERM U 268 research unit (Applied Oncology). Hopital Paul-Brousse Villejuif, France.
Research Project Title: The effect of growth factors in the proliperation and differentiation of normal and leukemic cell cultures.
Research Project Title: Experimental study of HIV (AIDS) infection treatment. Isolation and purification of immunosupresant factor from HIV carrier macrophages.

1988 : Research Trainee – Department of Biology, California Institute of Technology “Caltech”, Pasadena California, USA.
Training in Molecular Biology Techniques: Cloning of the human ankyrin gene.

1979 – 1985 : Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Medical School.


International Publications*:

• Nosi E, Gritzapis AD, Makarounis K, Georgoulias G, Kapetanios V, Varla-Leftherioti M, Venieratos P, Papanikopoulos C, Konstantinidou A, Tsilivakos V. Improvement of Sperm Quality in Hyperviscous Semen following DNase I Treatment. 2019 Int J Endocrinol. 6325169.
• Poulakis N, Gritzapis AD, Ploussi M, Leventopoulos M, Papageorgiou CV, Anastasopoulos A, Constantoulakis P, Karabela S, Vogiatzakis E, Tsilivakos V. Intracellular ESAT-6: A new biomarker for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. 2014 Cytometry B Clin Cytom. 90(3):312-4.
• Michou IV, Constantoulakis P, Makarounis K, Georgoulias G, Kapetanios V, Tsilivakos V. Molecular investigation of menstrual tissue for the presence of Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis collected by women with a history of infertility. 2014. J Obstet Gynaecol Res. 40(1):237-42.
• Michou V, Liarmakopoulou S, Thomas D, Tsimaratou K, Makarounis K, Constantoulakis P, Angelopoulou R, Tsilivakos V. Herpes virus infected spermatozoa following density gradient centrifugation for IVF purposes. 2012. Andrologia. 44(3):174-80
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• Karvela M, Stefanakis N, Papadopoulou S, Tsitilou SG, Tsilivakos V, Lamnissou K.Evidence for association of the G1733A polymorphism of the androgen receptor gene with recurrent spontaneous abortions.2008. Fertil Steril. 90(5):2010.e9-12.
• Thomas D, Liakos V, Michou V, Kapranos N, Kaltsas G, Tsilivakos V, Tsatsoulis A. Detection of herpes virus DNA in post-operative thyroid tissue specimens of patients with autoimmune thyroid disease. 2008. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes. 116 (1): 35-9.
• Thomas D, Michou V, Moustakarias T, Aleporou V , Mantzavinos T, Mitsakos-Barbagiannis K, Kalofoutis A, Tsilivakos V. Altered immunophenotypic parameters in infertile women.Possible role of herpes viremia.2005. Am J Reprod Immunol. 54 (2): 101-11.
• Thomas D, Michou V, Tegos V,Patargias T, Moustakarias T, Kanakas N, Mantzavinos T, Apostolidis C, Salamalekis E, Kalofoutis A, Tsilivakos V.The effect of Valacyclovir treatment on natural killer cells of infertile women. 2004. Am J Reprod Immunol. 51: 1-8.
• Michou V, Kanavaros P, Athanassiou V, Chronis G, Stabamas S, Tsilivakos V. The fraction of peripheral blood CD56+/CD16-/CD3- subpopulation on total Natural Killer cells as an indication of Fertility-Infertility. 2003. Fertil Steril. Sep;80 Suppl 2:691-7
• Foukas PG, Tsilivakos V, Zacharatos P, Mariatos G, Moshos S, Syrianou A, Asimacopoulos PJ, Bramis J, Fotiadis C, Kittas C, Gorgoulis VG. Expression of HLA-DR is reduced in tumor infiltrating immune cells (TILS) and regional lymph nodes of non-small-cell lung carcinomas. A putative mechanism of tumor-induced immunosuppression?. 2001. Anticancer Res. 21 (4A): 2609-15.
• V. Tsilivakos, A. Tsapis, S.Kakolyirs, P.Iliakis, M.Perraki and V.Georgoulias. Characterization of Inteleukin 2 receptors on B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells. 1994. Leukemia 8:1571.
• E.Drakopoulou, G. Sotiropoulou , V. Tsilivakos, V. Georgoulias and P. Cordopatis. Synthetic peptides from the region 30-54 of the interleukin-2 receptor β-chain (IL2Rβ) affect IL2 binding to human T cells. 1994. Col.Czech. Chem. Commun. 59:943.
• E. Anastasopoulos, G.J. Reclos, C.N. Baxevanis, A.D. Gritzapis, V. Tsilivakos, N. Panagiotopoulos, St. Fotiou, I.Missitsis, I. Karydas, M. Papamichail. Monocyte Disorders associated with T Cell Defects in Patients with Solid Tumours. 1992. Anticancer Research 12: 489-494.
• Ammar, C.Gilbert, A.M. Bertoli, Y.Sahraoui, M. Parraki, V. Tsilivakos, P. Meyer, W.Rezenboum, C. Jasmin and V. Georgoulias. Production of a tac inhibitory activity by adherent cells of HIV-infected subjects at different clinical stages 1992. Journal of AIDS 1991 4:1208.
• E.Drakopoulou, V. Tsilivakos, G. Sotiropoulou, V. Georgoulias and P. Cordopatis. The role of IL2R β chain parts in the binding of IL2 and signal transduction with the aid of the synthetic peptides. 1991. Biochemistry and Biophysics, News letter 33:78.
• Ammar, C. Gilbert, A.M. Bertoli, V. Tsilivakos, C. Jasmin and V. Georgoulias. Biological and Biochemical Characterization of a factor produced spontaneously by adherent cells of HIV-infected patients inhibiting IL2Rα chain (Tac) expression on normal T cells. 1991. J. Clin. Invest. 87: 2048.

* Complete list including Greek publications, international and national conference presentations, invited lectures and awards is available upon request.


International Medical Patents:

• METHOD FOR THE DIRECT DETECTION OF MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS patent ΕP 13765397.8/06.03.2015, PCT/GR2013/000043/08.08.2013


Other Skills & Diplomas:

• Good level of written & spoken French
• Good level of written & spoken English
• Basic German
• Basic Russian

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